At Lyson Contractors, construction management means creating synergies and implementing the stipulated goals, without compromising or settling for less, so that we can help our clients be even more successful than ever before.

As a full service provider, our Construction Management team—a core area of expertise at Lyson Contractors —supervises the complex interactions that take place within building projects, planning well beyond the construction phase so that owners retain control over maintenance and replacement/ restoration costs.

When realizing residential, office and commercial building projects, Lyson Contractors represents the Principal’s interest when dealing with architects, tradesmen and suppliers, ensuring the owner's wishes are fulfilled to optimal satisfaction.

Principals expect superior quality, firm prices and clear deadlines, no matter if it’s a complete renovation, redevelopment or challenging new construction.

In the area of Project Development, the highly experienced specialists at Lyson Contractors seek out opportunity for our customers in appealing new construction projects; they support companies that would like to expand or optimize their real estate portfolio.

When you select this Lyson Contractors delivery system, we act as an agent for the owner, providing the management for the entire construction process and project. This includes pre-planning, quoting, sub-contractor solicitation and field management.

When working with a construction management method, all bids from subcontractors are gathered by Lyson Contractors and submitted to the owner for joint review. The owner and Lyson Contractors work together as a team to select which subcontractor to use for the work. The subcontractors report to and are paid by the owner with Lyson Contractors acting in an advisory and management capacity during the building process.