Is your pipe work up to scratch? We can help you to uncover what’s going on underground and remedy any setbacks. Your business must also contribute to the upkeep of any publicly owned drains it uses.

Ujenzi provides comprehensive sewer and drainage design and construction service. Our experience and skill for more than 2 decades in construction business makes us capable in heavy civil construction projects involving large-scale sewer and water main construction. Our approach to drainage and waste-water handling is always to develop comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions.

Sewer & Drainage Services

Tracking your sewers

Sewer surveys

Knowing exactly where your sewer pipes run is essential if you’re planning excavations. It also arms you with the knowledge to tackle any maintenance problems.

We have a variety of options at our disposal to get a firm fix on your network. We can supply you with a basic record plan and sections showing your drainage network or detailed topographical plans including all utility services using ground penetrating radar.

Sewer CCTV

Blockage? Subsidence? Pipe deterioration? There’s no need to go to the expense and hassle of digging out and breaking into a drain.

Using CCTV technology, we can explore your pipelines comprehensively. We’ll pinpoint any faults or blockages and repair them.

We’ll also provide you with a full report on the condition of your pipework, highlighting any potential areas that may cause concern for the future.

Cleaning and monitoring


Silt build-up over time can create a risk of backflow or flooding. We use high-pressure jetting equipment and suction tankers to flush all the debris from your network. This would also be recommended prior to any CCTV survey.

Sewer flow monitoring

Getting accurate data on your sewer flow allows you to plan with confidence for increased production or new construction. The data can also be invaluable to allow accurate billing of any discharges to Scottish Water networks with the potential to reduce sewerage charges.

We’ll install monitoring equipment and gather precise data on your sewer flows. Then we can advise on whether the system will be able to handle your future needs.


Property drainage

Property drainage is the term used for rainwater that drains into the public sewerage system from your buildings and grounds – for instance, from roofs, private car parks and private roads. There are separate charges for these services.

Roads drainage

Roads drainage is the rainwater that drains into the public sewerage system from public roads and footpaths is termed roads drainage.


Sewer/Drainage Repairs and Construction

Cracked and aging sewer networks have the potential to disrupt production or interfere with normal business.

Sewer network repairs

Make use of our sewer repair and maintenance service to improve and optimize your network to avoid pipe collapses and contamination issues. Our comprehensive sewer survey will give you a clear view of the state of your network. We can then repair or replace any cracked or partially collapsed sections of pipe.

Where pipes are in poor condition, we offer the non-invasive option of patching or relining them with a structural liner. This effectively creates a brand-new pipe inside the damaged pipe without the need for expensive and disruptive excavations.

Sewer construction

We provide a comprehensive sewer design and construction service from small extensions to an existing network allowing your business to expand, to complete village drainage networks. This includes sewer systems, surface water drains and pumping station rising mains.

And if you aim to have your facilities adopted as part of the national network, we’ll guarantee your project meets the standards required by relevant authorities.